Friday, May 12, 2017

Announcements for the week of May 15th

General Announcements for the Week of May 15th

Although this is the last FULL week of school, remember, you still have finals this week! Stay on task, and hang in there! You're almost done!

The 7th-8th Grade Awards Ceremony is Tuesday, May 16th at 6:00 p.m. in the High School Auditorium!

Join us to celebrate our academically talented kids!

Monday, May 22nd (the last day of school) will be a "Cards Care" Day!
We will take students throughout the community to help out where needed!

Let's show our community support!

Below is the schedule of events for that day!
8:00-8:10: Attendance in 3rd Block Classrooms
8:10-8:50: Break into groups and breakfast
9:00-11:00: Service Activities
11:00-11:15: Service Day Evaluation and Dismissal
11:15 - 1:00 - Community Picnic Behind CHS on Practice Field

Yearbooks are available to be picked up!
HOWEVER, they have become a distraction in the classrooms. Please do not take them to class!

The Penny Wars and Dime Dash have begun! Mrs. Dubs' group is her Green Section! Bring in your pennies and dimes!
Let's win some DONUTS!!!


      • All library books are due!  Please get your books turned in immediately.
      • The Penny Wars & Dime Dash have begun!!!  Winners of the Penny Wars get donuts & Winners of the Dime Dash get to choose a teacher for Pie in the Face.  When you have filled your Dime bottle be the first to bring it to the library.  Which teacher will it be?  Mrs. Waugh?, Mrs. Traphagan?, Mr. Dressel?  Only you can decide!  
      • Like other states, Nebraska has state symbols (state bird, flower, etc.).  Nebraska doesn’t have a state reptile, but this is your chance to change that.  Click on the link to vote for your favorite Nebraska reptile.
      • Book orders are in!  Students and teachers, May book orders you get a $5 coupon to spend with any $5 order.  See Mrs. McCartney for coupons.  Check out the summer reading and get your orders to Mrs. McCartney by Wednesday so we can read all summer!!!
      • Summer Softball Camp: Any girl in Kindergarten - 8th grade interested in a softball skills camp run by the Chadron High School Softball team, stop by the office for more information and a registration form.
      • Please note: Wednesday, May 17th is the absolute very last day to turn in late and missing work!  
      • May 9-15  - Pledge-  Emily Beye  
      Your potential student council class representatives:
      For the 6th Grade year:
      Kaylee Sprock
      Hudson Cross
      Meradith Rhembrandt
      Cody Kahl
      Johnnie Reed
      McKoy Wollesen
      For the 7th Grade year:
      Jacee Bates
      Parker Fisher
      Blake Hinman
      Emma Peters
      Kourtney Hawk
      Thomas kaus
      Ember Diers
      For the 8th Grade year:
      Luke Kahl

      Friday, May 12  -  *** All posters MUST be taken down by 4:00 p.m.****
      Monday, May 15  Voting for class representatives will take place during Cardinal Block  
      Tuesday, May 16 Results will be announced during the end of the day announcements.
      CMS ASP:  ASP CALENDAR- 4-18-2017 Activities
      • Summer Science Camp Registration forms are available at the office or at ASP.  This summer’s topics include Wear Tec and Medical technologies.
      • You are welcome to borrow any materials from the ASP cart during Study Hall, but please return pencils, rulers, protractors, markers, colored pencils, scissors and pens.   These items are running low and have been very sparse by the time The bell rings at 3:25.  Please be aware of the difference between borrowing and stealing.
      • If you are in need of academic assistance, PLEASE let us help you. Help is available in the library everyday after school until 5:30.  Help is also available on early out Fridays from 1:30- until 4:30.  Please remember to make a plan with your parents for pick up or what your means of getting home are.  432-0508 ASP Pickup Number!!
      • Schedules are available on each floor under the GIANT CMS ASP posters. Please look at them to see all of the awesome activities that are taking place after school.
      • Any boys interested in the CSC Basketball Camps (there are extra forms in the office). K-5th camp is May 23-25 and grades 6th-8th camp is June 2-3.  Questions: Contact Coach Reed at 432-6348
      • Anyone 12 and older interested in taking a Babysitting Basics Class, stop by the office for a take-home flyer with all the information and registration instructions.  Questions: Leah Gremm can be contacted at 432-3373.
      • 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls interested in attending a CSC Volleyball camp this summer, stop by the office for a flyer and registration form.  
      • Girl Scouts “Girls Day Out” is having a Mind... Body... Soul… event this summer in Scottsbluff.  It is open to all current girl scout members. Stop by the office for a take-home flyer and registration form.
      • Leadership Opportunities for Growth in Nebraska 4-H: Overnight Leadership camp open to current 7th & 8th graders.  Stop by the office for an application or call Terri Lemmon with questions at 432-3373. Scholarships may be available!
      • Coach McLain will be having a meeting on Tuesday, May 16th at 3:30 for all 8th grade girls interested in playing high school basketball next year.  The meeting will be in Coach Mclain’s room across from the high school office.
Lunch Menu

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Make sure you are accessing the Weekly Agenda page for assignments and other information for the week!

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